Friday, 20 July 2012

Current Issues and New Ideas

With this new tool that practically brings the world together, web 2.0 tools provide the world with massive opportunity and potential. Its possibilities are limitless and well unimaginable right now. Experts predict that users will influence how and where we go from here with regards to the web. In recent times, mobile phones and other mobile devices have been seen to influence a lot of innovations and designs. This trend is set to continue, and possibly grow as the numbers of mobile phone and mobile device users grow. The evolution of the web is in our hands and will eventually evolve in ways that perhaps we cannot even begin to imagine.

The influence of mobile devices has seen new concepts of designs, with concepts of such innovations like geo-tagging. This innovation enables users to locate one another using mobile devises such as mobile phones. With technology like this, users can now simply locate anyone in the world if they allow it. It is such new additions to the web that have resulted in the development of a concept called web 3.0. This idea represents the next dimension of web evolution. It suggests and brings into light some possible landmark innovations that will be used in the near future on the internet. Though not clearly defined, it gives us a feel of where we may be going with regards to web evolution.

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