Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Market Research

So Why Undertake a Market Research?

1. Understand your Market’s Dynamics

Understanding your market means being up to date with all the external factors that may affect your business directly or indirectly. It’s basic business intelligence any business must have. From the start-up to the established business, market research is not only a smart choice but an essential part of running any business from time to time. Several industry standards, economic, technological, and regulatory changes may occur over time. These result in changes not readily observable that can affect your business in the eventually. Knowing of these changes enables you to plan ahead and innovate in light of any resulting market opportunities. This is what basic business intelligence can do for your business. Undertaking a market research is the basic step towards gaining an understanding of your business environment. It keeps you ahead of your competition by giving you insightful information that you can use to develop your business’ marketing strategy uniquely designed for your situation. Further, you stay ahead by being able to develop solutions that your competitors have not yet looked into. It offers you information about who your customers are, who your competitors are, and any changes you need to put in place to remain competitive in our industry.

2. Test the Market

In order to make well informed business decisions, you may need to undertake a market research so you can have accurate, up-to-date information and market data. This will give you an insight about your potential customers, markets, and competitors. It gives you insightful information into various aspects about your business. You get to know; what works and what doesn't  how you can better deliver your service/product to serve your customers, the price potential customers are willing to pay for your service or product offering, the current market price average, external factors like your competitors, industry regulations and standard, economic or technological conditions that could affect your business in the long term or short term, further, it helps you understand who your customers are and who your competitors are so you can better analyse how you will get your customers.